Sunday, October 19, 2008

Scarecrow Success

Thank you to everyone that came out to the Scarecrow Festival. It was a great success for the Regent Theatre and raised even more money than last year.

The children had a lot of fun playing on the hay bale that was dropped in our yard. Who knew that leaping off and climbing back on a round hay bale would be so much fun. Of course burying each other in straw was also on the top of the list of good times too.

We built about 32 scarecrows and ran out of clothes twice that had us running to Picton to beg for more pants and then more shirts. Also I should say thanks to my husband in the panic who donated a number of pants he found buried in the closet that he no longer fits into. Thanks also to Rick Clarke who gave up all those great straw hats that were hiding in his barn until I discovered them.

Also all these photos were taken by Susan Hodge, she makes the beautiful lily of the valley jewellery, photocards and even the tie dye that we have in the barn. Thanks for the great photos Susan!

Of course a big big thank you to the Regent fundraising crew of ladies, it wouldn't run without all the help off all the volunteers behind the scenes and under the straw hats!!!

Hope everyone had a fabulous turkey day!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Scarecrow Festival Tomorrow!!!! (Oct 11th)

The weather is gorgeous this Thanksgiving weekend, warm and sunny and perfect for building scarecrows!!! Now I know why we Canadians have an earlier Thanksgiving weekend compared to our neighbours to the south, it's because it is soooo beautiful with all the trees in their spectacular autumn colours (see photos from last year). Who doesn't want to just drive around and drink in all that beauty? So it's the perfect time for a long weekend to enjoy the last of the nice weather, eat a turkey and spend time with the family before the grey days of winter set in. So while your driving around oohing and ahhing at the gorgeous views come and build a scarecrow for charity at our place. It is also the last weekend for ice cream at the Black River Cheese Factory so don't miss out!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Glass Jewellery Workshop - Saturday October 25th

Hello all,

Well with it getting so close to Christmas and the gift giving season, Margaret, our glass jewellery artist has put together 3 workshops running during one day, Saturday October 25th.

She has also set up price breaks so if you want to make 5 pairs of earrings or 4 pendant and earring sets it will cost a little less than if you only made one.

So here is how the pricing is going to work out.

To make -One pendant $32
- Two pendants $30 ea.
- Three pendants $27 ea.
- Four pendants $25 ea.
- Five pendants $20 ea.

To make -One pendant +earring set $47
- Two sets $44 ea.
- Three sets $40 ea.
- Four sets $37 ea.
- Five sets $32 ea.

To make - One pair of earrings $20
- Two pair $19 ea.
- Three pair $18 ea.
- Four pair $17 ea.
- Five pair $14 ea.

For any more than five of one item the individual price stays at the lowest price for that piece.

Hopefully that makes a reasonable amount of sense. We are trying to make it easier for people that have been wanting to come and make presents for people and this jewellery would make great gifts!

There will be three workshops during the day;
#1/ 10 am to 12 pm
#2/ 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm
#3/ 3 pm to 5 pm.

You should be able to create at least 5 or more pieces if you have a good idea of what you want (as in what you are going to make, pendant or earrings, and know what colours you want to use.) in the 2 hour class.

Now this is a very popular class and we have limited room upstairs in the barn so call and register as soon as possible.

Call me, Lesley, at 476-9696 to register or drop by the store, we are open Thursday thru Sunday.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Well it was fun day for these ladies and apparently it was mother daughter day with this group. We set this class up in the green room upstairs which made for some cosy quarters but it was definitely too chilly to do this outside!
Fall is settling in quickly here.