Friday, December 19, 2008

Snowy 2nd Last Day

Tomorrow is the last day we are open for 2008! Boy did this year fly by!

It's the day of the crazy snow storm the weather people have been warning us about and it is blowing fiercely and snowing so hard my foot prints to the barn fill up in about 5 mins. I did have one brave soul come for a quick shop, thanks Sari!

I've been hiding in the house doing some of the painting jobs that I've been avoiding since we moved here 2 years ago. The house is slowly becoming more homey and colourful the way we like it. There still are a million jobs to do for it to become the way we envision it. The list is long, very long and the winter free time is short, not to mention all the things we want to do to the barn.

So when I closed up tonight (bad me, I closed 25 mins early since the wind kept blowing the door open and there wasn't a car on the road in the past hour!) I took the camera outside to get some shots of the snow and lights.