Monday, September 17, 2012

All year long it is a fabulous view beside our shop in the barn.

Come on in and have a laugh and do a bit of shopping!

The flying crows guard the garden.
We are a bit of an oddity our little gift shop.
We are situated in an old 150 year old barn on the side of the Black River. We have our hens wandering around the yard occasionally accosting people with ice cream cones. There are two goats, Knit and Purl that eat all the leaves and grass you can offer through the fence.

Not to mention the 2 cats Baxter and the newest addition Loki (he is the orange cat with the giant puffy tail) that hang out to be pet by anyone visiting. Also there is our weiner dog Milo that likes to sleep on the counter.

To add to this our employee Bill and his faithful companion Otis the long-haired weiner dog that work a few days a week. Otis has his own fans who he is happy to lie down for a good belly rub when he sees them.

Yes definitely not your average retail shop. We invite people to sit at the picnic tables or chairs to enjoy the view or to read all the funny signs and get a good laugh. We are ice cream friendly and well stocked with water and paper towels for any ice cream emergency that may occur. This is mostly small children with a face covered in the sticky chocolate version.

We are open everyday except Wednesdays from Labour Day to Thanksgiving Weekend (October the 8th). After that we are open Thursdays through to Sundays until December 22nd. Then we close the barn up from the snow until it's maple surup making time! (This is usually the 2nd week of March).

Stop by and say hi!