Thursday, November 27, 2008

Facebook Galloping Goat Group

For all of you that are facebook fans, we started a group for the Galloping Goat Gallery a while back that is open to members. Click on this "Galloping Goat Facebook Group" and it will take you there.

Also for those of you that are new to reading blogs, we, the writers of the blogs, love to receive comments from you! You can leave comments by clicking below the text on the word comment and send us a note. It's a fun way let me know someone out there is reading all my blathering!!! LOL

Here's a few pics I took this morning after the bus picked up the kids.

This picture is from the backyard of our house looking back at the horses in the field.

This concrete heron is right outside the door of the barn in the riverside garden. I did manage to lift him and put him into the barn so he'll be able to be seen easier than if we get a dumping of snow and he gets buried! Poor bird!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

End of Season Sale

Well it's November and the chill is in the air and there was actually snow falling for most of the morning today. It's hard not not to get a bit excited when those first flakes start flying, it always gets my kids jumping out of bed and running to the window to see.

I managed to get the outside of the barn decked out in lights and greenery on the last warm day we will probably see until April. It looks so cheerful and festive with it all lite up in the evening.

Since there are only 6 weeks left until we close (last day open is Saturday December 20th) for the winter we are having a BIG SALE! This is mostly due to the fact that there is so much cool stuff I want to buy for the spring season that I need to make room for it!
I've run around the store and marked down a bunch of things with coloured dots and big price cuts but this is surprisingly time consuming, soooo... I've decided to make it easier and set up sales this way;

25% off all flags, (the big ones & the smaller garden ones) windsocks and garden stakes.
20% off all Christmas and seasonal items
15% off all regular priced items
10% off all artist's works & consigned items.
Plus all the items that I've already marked down so literally everything in the barn is on sale!!! And, yes, that includes those crazy yoga frogs.

Also good news the little furnace we installed this past spring is working great so it's warm and cozy in the barn. All those chilly drafts are being kept at bay so I can happily knit with warm fingers while I'm in the store!

Let the season of giving begin!!